Free UMW Resources

UMW has a number of free resources that can help you with your digital projects. Here are a few.

Microsoft 365 Tools #

screenshot of a UMW email account with arrows pointing to the waffle icon where Microsoft product can be accessed

All UMW students, faculty, and staff have free access to Microsoft 365 products, both on the web and for installation on PC and Mac. Use this guide to access and install Microsoft products.

Zoom Pro #

screenshot of UMW Zoom login portal

All UMW students, faculty, and staff have access to a Zoom Pro account, which offers premium features such as unlimited meeting length. Use this guide to activate and access your Zoom Pro account with your UMW email address.

AppsAnywhere #

screenshot of the AppsAnywhere login screen

AppsAnywhere is a free “virtual computer lab” that allows UMW students access to software (including ArcGIS, SPSS, and Adobe Creative Cloud) from anywhere with an internet connection without needing to purchase or install the software on their own computer. Log in with your UMW NetID and password and select the “HCC Lab” to access the Adobe suite and many other programs.

Qualtrics #

Qualtrics software is a premier online survey platform for creating survey instruments, survey distribution, and storage and analysis of survey data. Qualtrics is a web-based application and is accessible to all faculty, staff and students from anywhere in the world. Some features of Qualtrics software include audio and video presentation, collaboration within and outside the university, complex research designs using survey flow, display logic, and randomization tools; data migration to SPSS, Excel, or XML; and cool-looking graphs and tables available for direct export.

Digital Knowledge Center #

student staff working at the Digital Knowledge Center

The Digital Knowledge Center provides UMW students with peer support on digital projects. DKC consultants help students learn to build websites, edit videos, record podcasts, or design graphics (and much more) via virtual or in-person consultations and presentations to UMW classes. Students can book appointments through EAB.

HCC Equipment Checkout #

student staff working at the HCC Info Desk

The Info Desk at the Hurley Convergence Center offers free loans of cameras (both video and photo), audio recorders, wireless lapel microphones, tripods, laptops, and more. See the full list on HCC’s Equipment Checkout Page.

Media Production Facilities #

Charnoff Production Studio #

video production studio with green screen

The Charnoff Production Studio is a video production studio with an immersive green screen, three HD cameras, a full studio lighting kit, and many other tools. The Production Studio can be reserved in 25Live after a brief training session with the Digital Knowledge Center.

HCC Multimedia Lab and Vocal Booth #

HCC multimedia lab

The HCC Multimedia Lab, located on the first floor of the HCC, is accessible 24 hours by swiping your EagleOne card at the door. It includes several dual-screen iMacs with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Logic, as well as a sound-dampening vocal both with a built-in microphone and camera. You can reserve the vocal booth in 25Live.

HCC Mini Studio #

The HCC Mini Studio (HCC 131) is a space that gives students easy access to a green screen and simple lighting for their video and photography projects. Students are expected to bring equipment into this space. There are cameras, tripods, and microphones available for checkout at the HCC Info Desk on the second floor, but users are also welcome to bring their own equipment.

The Mini Studio can be reserved using 25Live Express Scheduling.

For more complex projects we recommend that students become trained on the Charnoff Production Studio to access professional-grade media production tools and software.

Reviewed by Haley Gosman 03/27/24