Adobe InDesign

Tool Summary #

Adobe InDesign is a layout and page design software for both print and digital media. It is particularly useful for creating page layouts, flyers, brochures, magazines, and similar designs.

Quick Facts #

  • Price: Part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription – 7 day free trial, a monthly fee after that. There is a discount for students if you use your UMW email address when signing up. 
  • Platforms: macOS and Windows
  • Recommended for: Advanced users—like many Adobe applications, this program has a learning curve and may feel complicated at first.

Things to Know #

When creating a new project in InDesign, the user is presented with layout options. Some of these include number of columns, margins, and bleed area (i.e., how close the content is set to the edge of the page).

InDesign has a feature that allows the user to drag straight lines vertically and horizontally across the document in order to organize text and images without affecting the final product.

Additionally, InDesign allows for various types of exports based on the medium in which the project will be displayed (digitally or printed).

Accessibility #

See our guide on Accessible Visual Design for advice on creating accessible content with InDesign.

Getting Started Guides #

Get Started with InDesign

Adobe InDesign Learn & Support

Community Forum

Additional Resources #

Unsplash – Free stock photos

The Noun Project – Free icons in black and white

Adobe Color – Color palette creator. It is possible to select from a color wheel or from an uploaded image. In addition, there is a tool that allows the user to check palettes for accessibility.

Need Help? #

Have questions about this tool? Book an appointment with a DKC consultant!

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