Adobe Premiere Pro

Tool Summary #

Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV, and the web. You can edit footage, audio, and graphics as well as easily integrate files from Adobe stock. If you are working in Adobe Audition or After Effects you can easily link compositions from those programs into your Premiere project.

Quick Facts #

  • Price: Part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription – 7-day free trial, a monthly fee after that. There is a discount for students.
  • Platforms: macOS and Windows 
  • Recommended for: Advanced users – like many Adobe applications this program has a learning curve and may feel complicated at first.
  • Where to access: Adobe Creative Cloud Student Subscription. Also available for free on HCC lab computers and AppsAnywhere.

Things to Know #

Premiere is organized by using “windows”. The tab you are on will dictate how the windows look in the program. Oftentimes the windows have multiple tabs in themselves, which allows the user to access certain things easily. If you have a lot of material on your timeline you can mark the “in” and “out” points; this tells Premiere you only want to export what is in between those points. One important thing to note is that when exporting a project, you will only be able to export when you are in the “timeline” window.

Getting Started Guides #

Premiere Pro Learn & Support Center – Online tutorials and troubleshooting solutions site.

Additional Resources #

Premiere Pro Community Forum – An online forum filled with searchable FAQs.

Video Accessibility Guide – Check out our tips and resources on how to make your video projects more accessible.

AppsAnywhere – A virtual computer lab available to UMW students. Includes Adobe Creative Cloud and many other programs.

Free Media Resources – A list of websites where you can find free audio, video, and graphics to use for your project.

Want More Help? #

Reviewed by Haley Gosman 03/25/24