Tool Summary #

Prezi is an online presentation tool that can be used to create presentations similar to those in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides; however, it allows the user to “nest” certain slides within each other, unlike the other platforms. Users can design three different types of projects with Prezi—Present, Design, or Video. Here’s what you can do with each:

Prezi Present: Create flowing presentations with built-in transitions

Prezi Design: Create infographic-style presentations

Prezi Video: Create presentations where each slide is a video

Quick Facts #

Price: Basic Plan (which allows the user to create 5 presentations) is free; anything else is paid
Platforms: Web
Recommended For: Intermediate
Where to Access:

Things to Know #

Each Prezi presentation (in Prezi Present) starts with an overview slide that automatically includes all of your topics within bubbles. Prezi is very outline-oriented, so having a structure to your presentation is key. As you move through the presentation, Prezi will automatically zoom in to each bubble that contains your topic. You can nest topics within each other if you want to go into deeper detail in your presentation.

Besides regular text and photo blocks, Prezi allows you to add in special elements called “story blocks,” which include tables, lists, timelines, charts, maps, and more.

If you started a presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slides but wanted to use Prezi instead, Prezi allows you to import your PowerPoint file or Google Slides presentation.

You can record audio and webcam video in Prezi Video, and it will automatically be added to your presentation. Additionally, subtitles are available to add and edit for your recordings.

You can download your Prezi presentation if you would like, or you can export it as a PDF.

Getting Started Guides: #

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Additional Resources #

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Reviewed by Audra Young 11/01/22