Marketing 417- Kashef Majid

This guide was created to support a website building assignment in Marketing 417 taught by Professor Majid in Fall 2023.

What makes a good website? #

I encourage you to look at our guide on Getting Stated with Website Building to get a broader overview of web design considerations but here are some things to consider for your assignment:

  • Is it well structured? – Have you organized the site so your audience can easily find content they are looking for?
  • Is it easy to navigate? – How easy is it to go through different parts of the site? Do you have a menu or other navigation features to help people to find what they need?
  • Did you consider accessibility? For example if someone was using a screen reader could they navigate your site successfully? Could someone who was colorblind read your text? Is content written in a way that can be easily understood by your audience?

Platform Choices for this Assignment #

A graphic that shows a continuum of choice and complexity for the tool options for the assignment. It shows Adobe Express on the far left (easiest), Canva, Sites@UMW, and Domain of One's Own (far right).

Adobe Express #

Canva #

  • Good for one-page websites with a bit more complexity
  • Has some analytics available
  • Could purchase a domain or map domain (but this has extra costs)
  • Premium content mixed in with free
  • Website Builder homepage
  • Example site

Sites@UMW #

Domain of One’s Own #

Image Editing #

Free Resources #