Creating the Unreal | Bending Reality with Photoshop

Digital Knowledge Center HCC 408

Every UMW student has free access to Photoshop via UMW's virtual computer lab AppsAnyhwere, and even beginners can use this powerful tool to do amazing things with photo manipulation! Join photographer and digital artist (and UMW alum) Matthew Sanders as he demonstrates some reality-bending Photoshop tricks that you can start using right away. Sandwiches and […]

From Post-it to Production | Learning How to Storyboard Your Videos

Academic Support Classroom HCC 407

Want to take your videos to the next level? Learn to plan your projects with the same storyboarding techniques used by professional filmmakers! DKC consultant Arden Jones will lead you through the process of brainstorming your video concept on sticky notes and then demo some digital tools to help polish and share your storyboard! A […]

You Have Free Tools | Discover the Free Tools You Didn’t Know You Had

Digital Knowledge Center HCC 408

Tired of having your emails disappear into Outlook’s mysterious “other” box? Sick of coming to the on-campus labs to use Photoshop or SPSS? Good news: You never have to suffer these annoyances again! In this workshop, we'll share tips to improve your productivity with tools that you use every day, like Canvas, Zoom, and Microsoft […]

Hardware Doesn’t Have to be Hard | Learn to Build a PC with the DKC

Digital Knowledge Center HCC 408

Ever wanted to know what the inside of a computer looks like or even how to do a custom build for yourself? This is the workshop for you! Join Brian Merski, a computer technician and a UMW alum, as he builds a computer from the ground up. Sandwiches and hot cocoa provided.

Make Your Dream Scene with Green Screen | Learn to Edit Videos with Premiere Pro

HCC 130

Have you ever wanted to make your ordinary life more exciting? Can't afford to film on location? Come to this workshop to learn how to layer videos using a green screen, edit video effects in Adobe Premiere Pro, and use free video resources on campus while you're at it! Download the project files for this […]

Enhance Your World | Boost Your Camera Roll’s Vibes with Adobe Lightroom

HCC 130

Do you want to enhance your photos and improve your photo-editing skills? Join Photography Club President Chenin Guber as she shares how she makes her photos pop with Adobe Lightroom. Learn about color grading, adjusting focus, removing blemishes, and more! Feel free to bring your own photos to edit for the second half of the […]

Smash That Like Button | Social Media Management 101

Digital Knowledge Center HCC 408

Are you interested in working as a social media manager? Just want to get better at promoting yourself online? You're in luck! Learn the science of engaging an online audience from UMW Alum and professional Social Media Manager Jenn Hill! Free food and drinks will be provided.

Get Ready For Your Close-up | Portrait Photography and Editing

HCC 130

Join photographer, Lauryn Taylor, as she reveals the secrets of portrait photography and editing. At this workshop, you will have an opportunity to produce your own professional portraits that you can use for work or fun. Invite a friend to take each other’s portraits and edit them in Adobe Lightroom. Bring a camera if you have […]

Aubade by Industry Standards | Learn the Digital Process of Creating Cover Art

HCC 130

Are you an artist? Do you want your art to appear on the front page of a magazine? Learn the step-by-step process of how to design and format a book cover. From bleed to typography, Aubade's Layout Director, Layla Barnes, will demystify the technical side of cover design and share how to apply to Aubade's […]

Bring Your Art to Life | Learn to animate in Adobe After Effects

HCC 130

Have a favorite piece of art that you wish would come to life? Want to make an animated logo or stream overlay? Join DKC Consultant Arden Jones and learn to animate in Adobe After Effects with elements such as anchors, paths, and keyframes. The workshop will be in a computer lab, so laptops are not required. […]

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