Fusion 360

Tool Summary

Fusion 360 is an advanced 3D modeling, animation, and physics simulation software. With it one can create or import 3D models through a variety of means, as well as edit them in a shareable workspace.

Quick Facts

  • Price: Free (with educational license)
  • Platforms: Mac and Windows
  • Opensource: Yes
  • Recommended For: Intermediate Users – Flexible modeling software with several powerful features and a moderate learning curve.

Things to Know

Fusion 360 is one of the most widely used CAD software available as it features several useful functions in addition to flexible 3D modeling. Models can be created from any of several different methods, or in combination of multiple. Some of these options include extruding an object from a sketch, picking it from a preset shape, or designing it from sheet metal. Another option is “form” which allows for a high degree of control over object, with smooth dragging of features providing a more fluid method of creation. Fusion 360 grants the ability to the join objects with joints – allowing for a designated range of motion which it can also animate. In addition to this, models can also be rendered in high resolution both within the software and as separate images. Some of the rendering options include texturing model elements with a library of different materials, backgrounds, various lighting options, and both cloud and same system rendering.

Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Video Guide

Making a Basic Lamp (PDF download)

Additional Resources

Tinkercad: Beginner friendly modeling software

FreeCAD :Alternative to Fusion 360 that works on Linux

Blender: Powerful and complex open-source modeling/animation software

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