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What’s up, guys? I’m Em, and I am a Communication and Digital Studies major. In my free time, I like taking pictures and playing with dogs. My ukulele’s name is Vincent and I am a plant mom. I would love to help you get started with Domain of One’s Own, image editing, video editing, and most other things. Let’s create something!

Hello, my name is Alyssa and I am a double major in Communication + Digital Studies and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. My biggest passions revolve around all things artificial intelligence, tech, and outer space related! I would love to work with you on any audio, AR, digital presentation, Domain of One’s Own, or WordPress projects. I can’t wait to meet you!



Hello y’all! My name is Mandy Byrd and I’m originally from Tappahannock, Virginia. This is my third year at UMW and I am double majoring in Business Administration and Communications and Digital Studies. I am involved with several clubs and organizations on campus including NAACP@UMW, Women in Business, and UMW Voices of Praise to name a few. I love art and pretty much any form of it, so if you are working on a creative project, I’m your girl! I really enjoy helping my peers explore and acquire new skills using different digital platforms, as well as showing them how they can use those skills to elevate their school work or their personal brand.

Hello! I’m Brian, I’m a psych major and neuroscience and digital studies minor. I’m an avid fencer and I help run the fencing club on campus. I spend my free time playing games, enjoying sushi, and thinking about wacky inventions. I’d be happy to help you out with Domain of One’s Own, audio and video editing, Zoom and more. Whatever you need, I’ll be here to help!



Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I am a Communication and Digital Studies major going into my third year at Mary Washington. When I’m not working I can be found either playing animal crossing, ukulele, or piano. I can help you with WordPress, Domain of One’s Own, video editing, and presentation tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides. I look forward to helping you with your digital projects!

Hello! I’m Courtney and I’m a junior majoring Anthropology. I look forward to helping you with any projects associated with WordPress, Logic, Audacity, Adobe InDesign, Timeline JS, and Storymap JS. I hope to help  you create the digital project of your dreams.



Hi, I’m Bryce Anderson. I’ve lived in NOVA for my whole life, before attending the University. I am majoring in English/Creative Writing with a Data Science minor so I spend a lot of my time crossing disciplines. Most of my day is spent writing on my laptop, coding in Python, or relaxing with some video games. My plans for after I graduate include either going into the video game industry or joining a data science firm of some kind. If you need help with Zoom, other presentation tools, or Domain of One’s Own, just ask.

Heyo! My name is Stella and I am a senior majoring in Communication and Digital Studies. In my spare time I love to execute video projects, especially music videos. I also love graphic design and photography. I can help you with WordPress, basic or advanced video editing, photo editing, graphic design, or just get you pointed in the right direction. I’m here to help, so bring whatever you are working on and we can make something awesome together!





Hello all! My name is Audra, and I am a sophomore planning on majoring in either Biomedical Sciences or Communication & Digital Studies. Outside of work, you can usually find me reading (I’m a total Tolkien nerd), watching a favorite show or movie, playing drums, or hanging out with my roommate, friends, and/or family. I also love using digital media creatively and helping others, which is why I work at the DKC! I’d love to help you with Domain of One’s Own, WordPress, iMovie editing, or infographic design.

Hello! My name is Jillian, and I am a senior Geography major with a minor in Environmental Sustainability. When I am not working or in class, you can find me singing with BellACappella or hammocking with my ukulele! I love learning new digital applications, and I am happy to help you with your digital projects. I can assist you with Domain of One’s Own, WordPress, Timeline and Storymap JS, and video editing!
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