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Open for Business: Fall 2019

Step 1: Choose a Tutorial Type

Choose the tutorial type that best fits your needs; we’ll match tutors based on your choice.

Duration: This tutorial is scheduled in 60 minute blocks.

During this tutorial you (or a group) can work with a DKC tutor one-one-one to work through projects on UMW Blogs. Typical topics covered:

  • Signing up on UMW Blogs
  • Connecting your blog to a course blog
  • Publishing/editing content in WordPress
  • Changing and customizing your theme
  • Adding plugins to WordPress

If you have a specific area you'd like to work on during your tutorial, please let us know when you set up your appointment.

Step 2: Choose a Tutor

Choose a tutor from the list of those that offer the tutorial type you’ve selected.

Step 3: Choose a Day & Time

The work schedule of the tutor you’ve chosen is below. Pick a day and time that works for you.

Step 4: Provide Your Details

Tell us a few things, and we’ll confirm your appointment.

Please check the appointment details below and confirm:

You may want to use our schedule for reference as you make your appointment.

Permanent Schedule     
10:00-10:30Isabelle, MattAlyssaKatie, Isabelle, Courtney, MattMandy, AlyssaKatie, Matt
10:30-11:00Isabelle, MattAlyssaKatie, Isabelle, Courtney, Matt Mandy, AlyssaKatie, Matt
11:00-11:30Isabelle, MattAlyssaKatie, Isabelle Courtney, Matt Mandy, AlyssaKatie, Courtney, Matt
11:30-12:00Isabelle, MattAlyssaKatie, Isabelle, Courtney, MattMandy, AlyssaKatie, Courtney, Matt
12:00-12:30Isabelle, Matt, JennAlyssaKatie, Isabelle, Matt, JennAlyssaKatie, Courtney, Matt, Jenn
12:30-1:00Isabelle, JennAlyssaIsabelle, JennAlyssaCourtney, Jenn
1:00-1:30Isabelle, JennVictoriaIsabelle, JennVictoria
1:30-2:00Isabelle, Em, JennVictoriaIsabelle, JennVictoria
2:00-2:30Isabelle, Em, JennCourtney, VictoriaIsabelle, Em, Victoria, JennVictoria, Meaghan
2:30-3:00Isabelle, Em, Mandy, MeaghanCourtney, VictoriaIsabelle, Em, Victoria, MeaghanVictoria, Meaghan
3:00-3:30Katie, Courtney, Em, Mandy, MeaghanCourtneyKatie, Em, Victoria,MeaghanMeaghan
3:30-4:00Katie, Courtney, Em, Mandy, MeaghanCourtney, JennKatie, Em, Victoria, MeaghanMeaghan, Jenn
4:00-4:30Katie, Courtney, Em, Mandy, MeaghanCourtney, JennKatie, Em, MeaghanMeaghan, Jenn
4:30-5:00Katie, Courtney, Mandy, JennCourtney, JennKatie, Em, Meaghan, JennMeaghan, Jenn
5:00-5:30Katie, Courtney, JennJennMeaghan, JennMeaghan, Jenn
5:30-6:00Katie, Courtney, JennJennMeaghan, JennMeaghan, Jenn