Tool Summary

Zoom is a video communication software. It has many features, such as a chat function, screen sharing, virtual reactions, recording and more.

Quick Facts

  • Price: 
    • Free
    • Pro, Business, & Enterprise
  • Platforms: MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux
  • Recommended for: Beginners – This tool is fairly intuitive for participants but being a host can be slightly more complicated.

Things to Know

Zoom is a great resource but there are some things you’ll want to know to make your next meeting go smoothly. When sharing your screen, you have to click a specific button in the bottom left corner to share the audio on your computer, or else it will be silent. Also, if you’re sharing your screen make sure to keep your microphone on, muting yourself will mute all of the audio coming from your device. If you go by a different name you can change the screen name to reflect that, either through your account settings or during the meeting. When you host a meeting there are settings that automatically come turned off, like letting participants share their screens, so make sure you check settings before you start your meeting. We also recommend setting a profile picture, this is helpful for other people to be able to see you even if your video is turned off.

Getting Started Guides

Quick start guides for new users

Getting started with Zoom

Additional Resources

Recording Yourself on Zoom

How to Host a Meeting

Need Help?

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