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Alumni in the spotlight: Meredith Fierro

Meredith Fierro, UMW Class of 2017, spent most of her days as an undergrad tutoring at the Digital Knowledge Center. After the center opened in 2014, Meredith was one of the very first tutors at the center. Her tutoring skills landed her an internship with Reclaim Hosting, which further lead to a full time job. Reclaim Hosting is a web hosting company that provides educators and institutions with an easy way to get space on the web. They host 60 institution’s Domain of One’s Own programs, the University of Mary Washington being one of them.

Meredith explained that being a tutor at the

 DKC taught her the importance of one’s digital identity, “I saw how claiming your digital identity, through the Domain of One’s Own program, is important to stay relevant in our society today. I knew that I wanted to stay in a field where I could continue to use the skills I learned as a tutor but, I was able teach people about the tools as well.”

She explained, “I learned a ton while I was a tutorat the DKC. When I first started I didn’t know much about working with the web, but I dove right into learning from the ground up, with the basics to many of the tools we tutored on, like WordPress.”

Meredith’s position at Reclaim Hosting has allowed her to be able to work with clients on problems with their websites, which is something she learned from her time at the DKC.

Meredith found her passion for teaching others about the web when she was a tutor at the DKC, and now she is using that passion to help her clients at Reclaim Hosting. Her tutoring skills and knowledge have truly gotten her far in her career path, and we are excited to keep cheering Meredith on as she continues her success.