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Digital Project Contest Winners!

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Digital Project Contest.

Digital Project (Group) 1st Place
Joshua Jenkins, Samara Wong, Rachel Harris, Caroline Callahan, and Taylor Ostrom
Apocalyptic Airwave
Class: CPSC106 Digital Storytelling; Instructor: M. Burtis

Digital Project (Individual) 1st Place
Emily Siegfried
The Eleventh Commandment
Class: ARTS226 Animation; Instructor: J. Robinson. 

Digital Project (Individual) Runners Up
Dorian Peele
“Pull Up”
Class: Individual Study; Instructor: Z. Whalen

Nelia-Sol White
Class: DGST395 Applied Digital Studies; Instructor: L Skallerup-Bessette

Personal Domain 1st Place
Janelle Behm

The slate of entries was the most competitive to date, and we want to commend all of the students who entered their work for their willingness to compete and for their creative, inspired digital work.

The Digital Project Contest is brought to you each year by the Digital Knowledge Center. Prizes are sponsored by Reclaim Hosting.