The Noun Project
is a site full of thousands of representational icons. On the site you can download PNG or SVG versions of those icons. However, in order to download any icons from The Noun Project you do have to make an account on their site. An account is free, but there is a premium version with extra features which requires a subscription. As a member of the site you can download icons and you also can upload your own icons.

If you choose to download a free version of an icon then it automatically includes a Creative Commons attribution for the icon with the creator and The Noun Project credited. It also asks you to include a citation for the icon wherever you are using the icon. Since you are getting the icon for free it is important to honor the Creative Commons license agreement and include the accreditation to the icon’s creator.

tnp_vaIf you do not want to have the accreditation then you can purchase the icon. When you choose to pay for the icon you are purchasing it’s “Royalty Fee.” This payment allows you to use the graphic without crediting the artist because your purchase supports them. You can either choose to make a $1.99 payment for each icon purchased or you can pay $9.99 a month for unlimited access to The Noun Project’s collection of icons. The site also offer a subscription service that gives you access to a Mac application. The Noun Project’s Mac App is an image editor platform that you can demo for 14 days or purchase with the Pro account. It gives you access to all the icons from The Noun Project that you can then use to create designs and projects in a space similar to Photoshop. The Noun Project also has a Apple phone app that is included with the subscription that is for messaging stickers.

The Noun Project database has an icon for everything you can think of. There are also a variety of art styles contributed by different artists. So there should be the right style icon for whatever you want to do.


I even created my own design combining the icons from The Noun Project with text.


The Noun Project has lots of possible uses for students. You can use the database for supplementary images for presentations and blog posts. You can also use the site for icons to use for flyers and advertisements for clubs or projects. I have actually seen professors and visiting lecturers use icons from The Noun Project in their presentation slides.

[1] Virginia Icon

[2] Bench Icon

[3] Squirrel Icon