Piktochart is a great resource to display information in an organized creative way. It is a website that allows you to create infographics to display information. You have to create an account in order to use the service but it’s completely free, and you have the option to upgrade your account to premium. You get the basic features with the free account and a few extra features in the premium, so there’s really no need to upgrade.

Once you sign in you will be redirected to the template page. Here you can select which template works with your project and that you think looks the best. You can make presentations, reports, event flyers, and many more types of infographics.

Once you select that theme you’ll go to the editor where you can modify your template. Here in the bottom left corner, you can choose to take a tour of the editor. In the editor, you can take out elements of the template or add new ones. There are tons of different elements you can add to the image. On the left hand side you can see where you can add more elements.

  • The graphics section is where you can add different shapes and images to your project.
  • The uploads section is where you can upload your own images to the account.

  • Background is where you can change the background color or background image.

  • The text section is where you can add all sorts of text to the image and logos as well.

  • Under tools you can add charts, maps and videos to the final image.

The toolbar along the top of the screen is also really helpful for finalizing your image. Here you can access your account, download the image when completed, save the image as you go along, create a new piktochart, and share the image. Piktochart saves the image automatically which is a great feature because you don’t have to worry about remembering to save. If your your computer loses its internet connection or shuts off for some reason, you’ll have a version saved to continue working.

Once you’re happy with how the image turned out, click the save button. Then click the download button and  a new screen will pop up where you can select what type of file you want to save the image as and the quality of the image.This is where a lot of the premium features come in. You are restricted to a few options with the free account but you can still get a good image with the final product.

Then once you download the image the final product should look like this: