When I first started at the Digital Knowledge Center, I thought I would be working with students with all types of medium. I thought that I would have to know every little detail of each of the medium. This made me nervous since I knew there were some problems a student would encounter that I have never dealt with.

Once I started working here I realized that although we as tutors do need to know the different mediums well, we can’t know everything and we won’t. I have also come to notice most of the problems students run into were the same problems that I ran into when I first started using Domain of One’s Own and WordPress. When I first started a few weeks ago, I was extremely nervous to hold tutorials. I come to realize that as you become more confident with what you are doing so does the student you are helping.

I believe that Digital Knowledge Center tutors act as student leaders because we are consistently helping students problem solve. We are student leaders because we offer our unique skills to provide an educational service to anyone who needs help.