I love the movie Pitch Perfect, and I knew I wouldn’t mind listening to the soundtrack over and over, so I decided to transform it into a radio show for the Movie as Radio audio assignment worth 3 stars. In order to do this assignment I downloaded a few clips from the movie and almost all of the songs on the soundtrack from Youtube using Video DownloadHelper on Mozilla Firefox. Then I began importing the songs one at a time, into Audacity, mixing in a few clips here and there in order to make sure the songs from the soundtrack were in the order as how they appeared in the movie. I trimmed the audio files using the “split” function and “split delete” function. I also made use of the “fade in” and “fade out” effects in order to transition from one song to another smoother. The only difficulties I had were figuring out which parts of each song I wanted, and in two cases I just left the entire song since one was very short, and the other was the final song, which is basically the end of the movie.