January 25, 2019

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Every student in the class is maintaining an online design journal over the course of the semester. Periodically, we’ll feature posts from their journals here.

Week 10
Why is it that our generation is so focused on who has it worse? If you ask someone, “How are Read more.
Reporting back on last week’s journal, we’ve worked some on the RCs website draft. It isn’t far along at all, Read more.
A Good First Interview
We finally got our first interview!! On Sunday, Bao and I met with a spunky woman, Jo E. to hear… Read more.
Roadblocks and Creative Exhaustion
I apologize in advance that this probably won’t flow very well, but my mind is in a bit of shambles Read more.
Website Work
The past few weeks my group has been using the information we get from Julie from e3 and putting into… Read more.
51 Days
51 Days until I’m a college graduate… But who’s counting? I bought my cap, gown, tassel, zipper pull, and collar Read more.
No Contact
Yeah, the above sounds like a horror movie title. It kind of is. When your client drops off the face Read more.
Prep Week
This week has been a whole lot of prep work for the next few weeks of non-stop work for our… Read more.
Redefining Goals
Before spring break, my team and I checked in with our client, Meghann, to discuss our project plan and set Read more.
A Project Plan?
We finally finalized our project plan this week and so far, we seem to be on a good pace! Unfortunately,… Read more.
DJ Week 7
We are getting a lot of things done. Both Liz and I have figured out what we’re doing for social Read more.
Visiting the Community Café
This week, Eliza and I stopped by Micah’s community café to introduce ourselves to Mike Morrison, the café manager, and Read more.
Spring Break: Here I Come!
We are SO close to Spring Break, and I could not be more ready. If you read my last post, Read more.
Spring Break Checkin
Nothing fancy this week. I just made an image to represent our countdown to Spring Break. Before, it was just Read more.
Here we are the week before Spring Break! Crazy to think that we are halfway through the semester already! However, Read more.
my life 2019-02-26 04:32:20
dj week 7 I am one of three captains of the UMW Belly Dance Team, so we all take on Read more.
Announcement: Going Into Next Week
Hi Everyone,  1) I've posted the guidelines for your mid-term self evaluation in Assignments. Please complete this by midnight on Read more.
Starting to Get It Together
Pictured above is one of my favorite pups at the shelter, Dancer. I shot this during Matt and my last… Read more.
How Do We Use Our Time Effectively?
After finishing up my first project plan, I see why people do it now. It forced my team and I Read more.
My Anxieties (And Overcoming Them)
I said I was going to chill out with the deep posts. Fooled ya! Last Spring was by far the Read more.
Week 6
Last week we talked about anxiety and feelings of failure. I wanted to expand on that a little more this Read more.
Checking in: 3 Goals
Tell us your top three personal goals for yourself in this class. Why are these your goals? I would say Read more.
Week 5
Thinking about my top 3 goals   1. Going into this class, my main goal was to learn more about… Read more.
Week 5
I am starting to feel a little nervous about my place in the class. My main skills that I feel Read more.
Announcement: Client Summary Document Updates
Just a note that the Client Summaries document (Collaborations) is updated with links to the Project Plans so you can Read more.
I’ve Got Goals
Many people make New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of every year. They may make it through the first week, Read more.
Announcement: Week 5
A reminder that project plan drafts are due by class today (Tuesday the 12th). You'll have until next Tuesday to Read more.
Getting Inspired
This week my group and I met with Carol Turner and others at her e3 office in her home. Carol… Read more.
DJ Week 2
Enemy [Remix] – Sarah Kinzer & Shane Thin In this past digital project, I remixed the original song Enemy by UMW Read more.
Media Stories for Micah: Searching for Inspiration
In the past, I’ve found that a great way to get my creative juices flowing and spark excitement about a Read more.
Project Planning: The Software Development Way
In class this past Tuesday, facets of Computer Science project planning was brought up. I feel that I have a Read more.
Announcement: Week 3
This week, you should be concentrating on finishing your Client Interview Report (the version for your clients) and completing the Read more.
Client Report: Meeting Lauren
While working with the Orange County Animal Shelter, Lauren is going to serve as our primary contact. Our first meeting Read more.
Idea drafting
The meeting between my group and Carol from e3 went really well! Talking about our project made me excited for… Read more.
Design Journal Week 3
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfL71JCdOyw Read more.
Media Stories for Micah: Introductory Interview
This week, Eliza Moreno, Shane Thin and I met up with Meghann Cotter, the executive servant-leader of Micah Ecumenical Ministries Read more.
Sing for an Audience
Over this past week, the team and I had our client intake meeting with the Rappahannock Choral Society. We got Read more.
I’m So Excited: A Reflection on Our Client Interview
This semester, I will be working alongside three other group members while working with Ms. McConnell from Fairy Godmother Project. Read more.
Announcement: Preparing for Week 3
If you haven't already, meet with your client and, as a group, work on your Client Interview Report (due 1/31): Read more.
Announcement: Important mid-week Announcements!!
Everyone,  I've put more details into the Client Interview Report assignment: Client Interview ReportYou should look this over before your client Read more.
Announcement: Going into week 2
As we head into week 2:  Make sure you've emailed your client to set up your initial meeting (to happen Read more.
Announcement: Client Intake Questions
You should be able to ask a shared Google Doc for collaborating on brainstorming questions for client interviews in the Read more.
I started classes at Mary Washington, and this semester I am taking a Digital Design Workshop. One of our very Read more.
Announcement: READING: Scanned pages for this week
Hey guys, I've scanned the pages in The Digital Plan for this week and uploaded them. If you have any Read more.
Announcement: Welcome to Digital Design Workshop
Hi everyone,  Welcome to the class. I'm really excited to see what we are all going to be able to Read more.
Hello class! My name is Jillian and I am a Geography major with a minor in Environmental Sustainability. I have… Read more.
Welcome to my Digital Design Journal!
My name is Eliza Moreno and I am in my final semester at the University of Mary Washington. I am Read more.