Announcement: Important mid-week Announcements!!


  1. I've put more details into the Client Interview Report assignment: Client Interview Report

    You should look this over before your client interview meeting so you have an idea of what you'll be creating. 

    I've also pushed the deadline for the report back until Thursday the 31st. I'd like these to be completed before class that day, so we can review and discuss them in class. That means you really want interviews to be completed before early next week! 

  2. Here's what I know so far about interviews (as more details are figured out, please comment on this post below!): 
    • e3Kids: 1/24 during class (on campus)
    • FGP: 1/24 during class (off campus)
    • RCS: 1/25 at 4 (off campus)
    • Micah: TBD
    • OCAS: TBD

      We need to move quickly in order to get project plans in place so you can actually start working on projects, so if you run into a problem with scheduling your meeting before early next week, please let me know! 

  3. A few of you never submitted your design journal for Week 1. I need you to do this so I know where to find your entries on a weekly basis. Please go in as soon as possible to submit these: DJ Week 1

  4. We had two late adds to the class: Temi will be working with Fairy Godmother Project and Effie will be working with OCAS. Temi & Effie, please reach out to your groups as soon as possible! (FGP: Elizabeth, Haley, Fele and OCAS: Jillian, Bao, Matt) 

  5. I've posted pictures from Tuesday at If you were absent on Tuesday, please plan to let me take your picture on Thursday (if you're willing to be on the site). And everyone who hasn't submitted a bio, please comment below with your brief bio!