Announcement: Going into week 2

As we head into week 2: 

  • Make sure you've emailed your client to set up your initial meeting (to happen sometime after Tuesday's class). Once meetings are scheduled, comment below with details about where and when you're meeting
  • Each group, create a duplicate Google Doc of our client questions (from class on Thursday) and share a link to it below in the comments. As a group, customize this document for your own intake meeting. 
  • Complete the readings for week 2 by class on Tuesday: Week 2 Readings
  • Complete your design journal entry by class on Thursday: DJ Week 2
  • Come to class prepared to have your picture taken for our Web site (if you want to be on the site)
  • Email me/message me/leave a comment below with a short bio (if you want to be on the site)

A reminder that Leslie Martin, professor of sociology and faculty director of the center for community engagement, will be attending class on Tuesday to talk to us about working with non-profits!