Announcement: Going Into Next Week

Hi Everyone, 1) I've posted the guidelines for your mid-term self evaluation in Assignments. Please complete this by midnight on March 1st: Mid-Term Self Evaluation 2) I'd like to have copies of every group's final Project Plan (revised after client feedback, if necessary). I've turned on submissions for the assignment. Please make sure one person in each group uploads the file (if a PDF or Word document) or shares the Google link with me. 3) On Tuesday, February 26th, we will be joined by Stefanie Chae. Stef is a recent graduate of UMW who works part-time in my division (DTLT) and also does free-lance videography. She'll be coming to help lead a discussion about freelance work, generally, and about working with external clients. Come with your questions! 4) Keep up your Design Journals. As your work takes off in the class, please consider using them as a place to share ideas, drafts, or any struggles you're having with your creative work. 5) Finally, please take a look at the sign-up sheet for sharing work in class for peer review. I encourage you all to sign up (individually or in groups) now for work you know you want to have completed by particular dates:[LINK IN CANVAS] Have a great weekend!