Tool Summary

Powerpoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. The program uses slides to get information across to the audience. Presentations made in Powerpoint can be very complex or very simple. It all depends on how you want the information you are trying to convey to come across.

Quick Facts

  • Price: Free to students – if not a student prices vary
  • Platforms: Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, Widnows10 App, and Web 
  • Recommended For: Beginners

Things to Know

Powerpoint is overall a great presentation tool to use. Did you know that you can add captions to your presentation? Along with captions, Powerpoint gives the capability to check how accessible your slides are. Under the review tab, you can click check accessibility. By doing these things you are making your presentation more accessible to people with disabilities. You can also present your Powerpoint live. This helps with remote presentations you might have for school or work. The slideshow tab is where you can find the button to present live. When clicked it will give you a URL you can share and also a QR code your audience can scan to follow along with you while you are presenting.

Getting Started Guides:

Basic Beginners Guide to Creating a Powerpoint

How to Make Powerpoints More Accessible 

Additional Resources

Powerpoint Templates – Free, easy online access or downloadable 

Unsplash – Free, no permission required photographs

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