Microsoft OneDrive

Tool Summary

MS OneDrive is a file hosting service, like GoogleDrive and Dropbox, included in the Microsoft 365 suite. OneDrive allows you to access, edit, and share files and images from any device you are working from. OneDrive also enables you to share documents and collaborate in real time with others by simply sending a link via email or text.

UMW students, faculty, and staff can access the entire Microsoft 360 Suite, including OneDrive, for free by logging in with a UMW email address and password at

Quick Facts

  • Price: Free for students and educators; paid personal subscription available
  • Platforms: Python, Microsoft, Android, iOS, node.js, Ruby, php
  • Recommended For: Beginners

Things to know

OneDrive is an incredibly useful file sharing and file storage tool. You can access the files you upload into OneDrive from a web browser or an OneDrive mobile app. OneDrive automatically saves backups of your files to the cloud and automatically syncs them to your other devices. Should your hard drive or SSD fail, you will still have your documents saved in OneDrive, preventing the loss of files. You can also set OneDrive to automatically upload photos and videos from your mobile device so that you never risk losing them (available for both Android and Apple devices).

Getting Started Guide

OneDrive Help and Learning – Almost any question you have about OneDrive can be answered here. This is the Microsoft’s support page for OneDrive.

Beginner’s Guide to OneDrive for Windows – This video shows you how to get started with OneDrive if you are operating from a Windows computer.

Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft OneDrive for Mac – This video shows you how to get started with OneDrive if you are operating from a Mac computer. It also explains why using OneDrive is beneficial for Mac users.

Additional Resources

Designing a Fluent Microsoft OneDrive Mobile Experience – If you plan on using OneDrive on a mobile device this is a wonderful guide.

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