Tool Summary

Inkscape is a free alternative to the Adobe vector image editing platform, Illustrator. Vector graphics are great for creating logos and illustrations because of their ability to be scaled up and down, unlike raster images which lose their quality scaling up and down.

Quick Facts

  • Price: Free
  • Platforms: GNU/Linux, MacOS X, and Windows
  • Opensource: Yes
  • Recommended For: Beginners to advanced designers

Things to Know

If you are familiar with the dark theme of Adobe Illustrator, or would prefer a more pleasing interface, Inkscape makes it very easy to change from their automatic white theme. You can go to Inkscape, chose preferences, interface, and then select dark theme, or choose what looks best to you!

Use layers to easily divide your design into sections. With layers, editing one layer will not impact other layers. You can lock or hide layers to more easily edit your design!

Getting Started Guides:

Inkscape Download Page – Click on the operating system on your device 

Inkscape wiki page  –  Learn how to use the different functions and tools on inkscape

Interface and Basic Drawing

Shapes, Tools and Options

Additional Resources

Vector Image Trace 

Need Help?

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