Tool Summary #

Vectr is a graphics software that you can use to create vectors in a fast and easy way. Vector has a range of tools you can use to create design projects, including logos, posters, social media designs, and more.

Quick Facts #

  • Price: You can create a free account.
  • Platforms: This is an online and desktop tool, so it can be used on any computer (desktop version computer only), tablet, or phone that has internet access. It is easiest to use on a computer.
  • Recommended For: Beginners – Vectr is user-friendly, and there is not an overwhelming amount of options for editing.

Things to Know #

Vectr allows you to create resizable designs that can be blown up or shrunk down without losing clarity. You can create designs that are simple or complex by using shapes, text, images, and the pen and pencil tool. Additionally, Vectr offers its users real-time collaboration by creating an unique URL link for your project to send to others so work can be edited by multiple people at once. Like other graphic design tools, you can duplicate the page you’re working on, change the dimensions of your design, lock images or text so that you don’t accidentally move them, and add or insert images to fill different shapes (for example, a circle or a heart). One unique thing about Vectr is that it provides a layer section similar to that of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for you to test different parts of your design without commitment. The downside to Vectr is that there are no templates that you could easily edit, and it does not have as many animated or moving elements as Canva, another design tool.

Getting Started Guides #

Vectr has numerous amount of guides that cover everything from the basics of the interface to editor functions to tips for finalizing and displaying your visuals. Here are a few guides to get you started:

User Guide – Quick read guide with information on how to use and create designs in Vectr.

Tutorials – Tutorials Vectr has been created for you to learn how to create everything from logos to presentations. They also have tutorials on how to share and display your work. You can even suggest new tutorials that you want to see.

What are Vectors? – A quick guide from Vectr that explains what a vector is and the difference between a vector and a raster image.

Additional Resources #

Pixabay – Free stock photos and vectors 

Pixden – Free vectors

Unsplash – Free Images

Pexels – Free stock photos

Need Help? #

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Reviewed by Em McPhee 11/23/21

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