HCC Charnoff Production Studio

Located on the first floor of the Hurley Convergence Center (HCC 115), the Charnoff Production Studio is a tremendous resource for recording high-quality video. The steps below will lead you through turning on and using the equipment, as well as shutting down when you are done.

Pre-Production Steps  #

Before You Arrive #

  1. Before you can book the studio, you must complete HCC Production Studio Training with the Digital Knowledge Center
  2. After completing training, you can book the Production Studio in 25Live
  3. When you arrive at the HCC, check in at the HCC Info Desk to receive the Production Studio Kit and get let into the Studio

Control Room  #

  1. Turn on computer monitors [power button on front or side] 
  2. Turn on soundboard [power switch on back right corner] 
  3. Turn on the light board [power button on top right corner] 
  4. Turn on speakers [power switch on back] 
  5. Turn on Recording Sign [medium size silver toggle switch on the right of the Equipment rack](the sign lights up on the wall outside of the room in the hallway) 
  6. Turn on studio lights [Make sure MEMs button is lit.] 
    • Slider #1:  1-3 people set up with full lights 
    • Slider #13:  1-3 people set up front spotlights 
    • Slider #14:  1-3 people set up back spotlights 
    • Slider #15:  1-3 people set up light panels 
    • Slider #16:  Green wall wash 
  7. Insert your SSD (Solid State Drive) in the Hyperdeck 1 slot on the Equipment Rack. [About 3/4 of the way down on the Equipment Rack.] 

Studio  #

*Please do not step on the curved areas of the walls* 

  1. Arrange tables and chairs as needed for your shoot
  2. Turn on the camera(s) [power button is to the bottom right of the camera screen]  
  3. Turn on any mics you need (mics located in drawers) 
    • Wireless [On/off is on top]  
    • Boom (on the stands) [On/off is on mic handle] 
    • Snake (cord) [plug into the box] 
  4. Turn on the TV on the TV Cart [leftmost button on the back] 
  5. Make sure the 2nd set of light switches are on [farthest from the door, you’ll hear a loud switch when they turn on] 
  6. If the wireless mics are dead then open the hatch and switch out the battery with one from the charger. 

Using the Equipment #

Control Room  #

Cameras  #

  • Camera 1, 2, 3
    • 4K camera on tripods 
  • Camera 4
    • Pan/tilt/zoom camera mounted on the wall 

Multiview  #

The monitor that displays camera feeds from the studio, as well as other inputs and outputs 

  • Preview is what is coming next after a cut or transition 
  • Program is what is currently recording onto the Hyperdeck 

Broadcast Panel  #

The broadcast panel is what you use to control which camera or other input gets recorded to the Hyperdeck. 

  • Changes the display on the Multiview 
  • Allows you to switch (transition) from preview to program and add media/graphics onto the preview and program 

Audio Levels #

Should show up on the Soundboard and tiny Hyperdeck screen(s) 

  • Push the Master Volume slider up to 0 
  • Stay between 12db and 6db – 12db (anything above 6db will “clip” and sound awful) 

Audio Channels Presets  #

(Channels are abbreviated to “ch”) 

  • Wireless: channels 1, 2, 5 
  • Wired mics: 9, 10 (plug into the box in Studio) 
  • Hanging mics: 3,4 
  • Make sure that the slider for that channel is pushed up to the appropriate level 
  • If you are using a wired mic, make sure to press 48V on the soundboard. 

Talkback Microphone  #

Allows you to talk to the people in the studio – turn off while recording 

  • Make sure the slider for Bus 1 is up, Talkback button B is on, and the volume is turned up 
  • Tap the “Push” button on the mic, and when the green light is on then the mic is on 

Playback  #

  • If you want to view what you just recorded, tap the play button, and then it should show up on the Multiview in the Hyperdeck section of the screen  

Clear-Com Beltpacks  #

  • You can talk to each other from the control room to the studio-like walkie-talkies, just hold down “talk” while you talk. 

Studio #

Cameras  #

  • Zooming in and out is on the camera’s handle [the only part that twists] 
  • If panning, tilting, or tracking (rolling) the camera, ensure that the appropriate knob on the tripod is unlocked.
    • Do not unlock the red tabs on the legs of the tripod.

Confidence Monitor #

  • Shows program display; control is on the Creston panel.

Shut Down Steps  #

Control Room  #

  1. Hit “Stop” on the Hyperdeck
  2. Remove your SSD from the Hyperdeck
    • You can use the dock included in the Production Studio Kit to transfer files off of the SSD to a computer for editing. Keep in mind that the files must be initially transferred to a Mac. There are iMacs in the Editing Lab adjacent to the Production Studio (HCC 116).
  3. Turn off the speakers, studio lights, computer monitors, recording light, soundboard, and light board (you’ll need to press the confirm button) 

Studio #

  1. Turn off the cameras [hold down the power button] and any other equipment in the room such as mics and the TV
  2. Place any microphones you used back in the labeled drawers
  3. Turn off fluorescent lights
  4. Close the hallway door behind you and make sure it is locked (let the Info Desk know if it is not)

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