Getting Started with Website Building

Overview #

There are many platforms and applications out there to create websites and you should use what you are most comfortable with. If you have no experience with website building, this page includes tool recommendations and basic tips to help you get started.

Platforms #

At UMW we offer two platforms for building your website

UMW Blogs uses WordPress as a way to build your site while Domain of One’s Own allows you to install a variety of applications, like WordPress, to build your site. Read about the difference between these platforms in one of our Domain of One’s Own guides.

Beginner-Friendly Tools #

Advanced Tools #

WordPress Tips and Tricks #

  1. Know what plugins are and how they can be utilized in WordPress.  Plugins can be used to add functionality to your site outside the initial installation of WordPress.
  2. Try out different themes. Themes provide varying levels of control over the look and feel of your site. Changing the theme and customizing it makes the site uniquely your own.
  3. Know the differences between pages and posts.  
    1. What Is the Difference Between Pages and Posts? 
    2. Pages vs. Posts 

Common Mistakes #

  1. Confusing WordPress with Domain of One’s Own. WordPress is an application that can be installed on Domain of One’s Own (and is in fact the most popular website building tool). We recommend reading the “Getting to Know Your Web Space” guide to understand how web hosting works on Domain of One’s Own.
  2. Uploading too many large media files (such as videos). On both UMW Blogs and Domain of One’s Own you have a limited amount of storage space. Uploading large files to your site will quickly lead to running out of room.

Accessibility Considerations #

Want More Help? #

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