Duration: This tutorial is scheduled in 60 minute blocks.

During the 3D printing tutorial, a DKC tutor can help you with creating, exporting, and printing an object on a 3D printer.

Tutors are experienced in using TinkerCad for the creation/design of 3D objects. They can also assist with exporting objects from TinkerCad or from the Thingiverse to the Dremel 3D Printer software. Finally, they can show students how to get their Dremel compatible file onto the printer and how to setup and print the file.

Students should report to the DKC tutorial, and, if necessary, a tutor may accompany them over to the Simpson Library ThinkLab, where several Dremel printers are currently available.

Printing 3D objects can take a while (depending on their size and complexity). Students may remain after the tutorial to wait for their object, or they may return to the ThinkLab later to execute the print. The ThinkLab is open for public hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 7PM – 9PM. In addition, students in some classes may have been provided with a code to enter the ThinkLab at other times (check with your instructor for this information; the DKC cannot provide you with this access code.)